Friday, February 26, 2010

Energy Drinks Dangers - What's In It That Gives Me So Much Energy?

Energy drinks provide the consumer with a short term energy boost. The effect you receive from consuming an energy drink varies dependent upon which type of energy drinks you chose.

There are many different types of energy drinks. Some provide a more natural energy source such as herbal blends and B vitamin complexes. However, they are usually laden with too much sugars to sweeten the drink.

Energy drinks also contain large quantities of caffeine. Caffeine is an addictive stimulant.

The dangers of energy drinks is that high amounts of caffeine can also cause adverse side health effects such as: nervousness, insomnia, irritability and increased blood pressure.

Many are not aware that the caffeine levels in some of these energy drinks are so high that they can trigger abnormal heart rhythms. This can easily lead to increased heart-rate (load) and also cause severe strain on your heart. This is especially dangerous for people with heart conditions. In the worse case scenario, you may even have a heart attack from drinking too many energy drinks. So people take note.

Energy drinks are a modern day answer to increased workloads, stress, study and every day general hectic living habits. Get adequate rest and have a healthy diet and exercise regime and you won't need to rely on energy drinks for your primary source of energy.